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Banner Information

The banners have been created as a visualization of some aspects of the work at the Archive and Public Culture Research. The banners speak to our practical, theoretical, and creative engagements with archival collections, and to our readings, and understanding of archival material, its mobility, creative potential, and blank/mute spots, its ability to direct our readings, to reveal, conceal, puzzle.

Concept: Anette Hoffmann
Design: Jos Thorne
Assistance: Rosemary Lombard
Animation of the banners: Lyndon Daniels

Banner I

Layers of Translation: Traces of the Presence of African Prisoners of World War I in German Camps, of Knowledge Production and its Archival Procedures, and of Writing on the Margins

All files from, and with permission, of the Lautarchiv, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany.

Banner II

When Africa Was a Country: The Specters of Historical Categorization in Museums and Archives, Their Unexpected Journeys, and Recent Re-appropriation

Label from around 1893. Accession number: 28456.
With permission of the Field Museum, Chicago, US.
Label of Object. Accession number: J 56.
With permission of the Cuming Museum, Southwark Council, UK.
Labels of Objects with unusual writing style. Accession numbers: 28429 and 28435.
With permission of the Field Museum, Chicago, US.
'Zuluz', Brighton Illegal, N-igma, Digital Jungle Production, July 2000, Issue 10.
'Zulu', Brighton, N-igma, Digital Jungle Production, February 2001, Issue 14.


The N-igma site is not active, but can be accessed here.

Banner III

Bare Feet and the Costs of Human Injuries: Omission, Excess and Possible Dialogues of Archival Documentation Across Media and Collections

Stereoscopic photograph. Photographer: possibly Raymond Neilson, Johannesburg.
Photographed at Crown Mine. Undated: approx. 1900. (Private collection of Anette Hoffmann).
Page from: Register of Accidents to Native Employees, Simmer and Jack Mines, 1930-34. With permission of the Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.