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Archival Platform

The Archive and Public Culture Research Initiative partners with the Nelson Mandela Foundation in fostering the independent Archival Platform (AP), a non-profit advocacy, networking and research initiative in South Africa's archive and heritage sector. The platform was developed to facilitate a shift in understanding away from archives solely as storehouses of records to one of archives as ground of political struggle and hence a necessary site of political activism.  The Archival Platform is a civil society initiative committed to deepening democracy through the use of memory and archives as dynamic public resources.

The Archival Platform focuses on the memory, cultural practices, artefacts, places and documentary record of the country's history and the discourse around re/making the past in the present. It facilitates dialogue and information sharing between professionals, academics, government employees, memory activists, archival users and heritage practitioners in institutions, organisations and communities.

The Archive and Public Culture Research Initiative actively seeks to learn from the Platform and, in turn, to make its research findings available to the Platform and its users.

For the Archival Platform’s 2014 Report, State of the Archives: An Analysis of South Africa’s National Archival System see the report in PDF format.