Tribing and Untribing the Archive garners praise

12 Jun 2018 - 14:00
Choice Outstanding Academic Titles Award
Choice Outstanding Academic Titles Award


Tribing and Untribing the Archive: Identity and the Material Record in Southern KwaZulu- Natal in the Late Independent and Colonial Periods published by the University of KwaZulu-Natal Press and edited by Carolyn Hamilton and Nessa Leibhammer was chosen for a Choice award for outstanding academic titles in 2017.

This list features 504 titles out of approximately 6 000 works reviewed yearly. The titles have been selected for their excellence in scholarship and presentation, the significance of their contribution to the field, and their value as important treatment of their subject. Read the online posting on Books live.

Scholarly reviews of the two volumes are beginning to appear in press. One recent review comments that ‘[t]his history of “Tribing”, built on the basis of many years of scholarly work by its authors and a more recent series of interdisciplinary exchanges amongst them, represents a genuine historiographic breakthrough…. This is, without doubt, a timely and exciting publication.’ South African Historical Journal.

Another, commenting on both the layout and possibilities of the book, remarks that ‘[t]he line between object and text is beautifully blurred through the well-crafted imagery that is present between and spread among the essays … This volume, the set of long-term projects that sparked its creation, as well as intensive work-shopping that brought together scholars across disciplines should act as a model for regional scholars throughout our field(s) to continue this critical work.’ (The International Journal of African Historical Studies, 50, 1C)