AtoM-Archivematica training camp

8 Oct 2018 - 08:30
Dan Gillean, Artefactual Programme Manager, WITS (Photo courtesy of Debra Pryor)


Debra Pryor, of the APC's Five Hundred Year Archive project,  attended the AtoM-Archivematica training held at WITS as part of their The WITS-NRF Digitisation Capacity Development Initiative  workshop from the 9 -12 July. Developed and supported by Canadian company Artefactual, AtoM is an open source archival description software employing International Council of Archives standards. Archivematica, also open source and made by Artefactual, is the Archival Preservation component of the software.

Artefactual Programme Manager Dan Gillean led the two-day AtoM training and Sara Allain and Ross Spencer led the two Archivematica training days. Debra reported "Having had three-year's experience using AtoM on the FHYA, it was an excellent point of confirmation of how much knowledge we have acquired and how much troubleshooting and problem solving we have already done through the project. It was very useful to be able to ask all the questions we still had and to share experiences with other users. Most importantly,it gave us an introduction to one another, the participants that make up the most of the South African AtoM/Archivematica community at this stage. Johan Pieterse, lead developer of SITA who is implementing an AtoM site for the National Archives, set up a South African AtoM users Google group at the end of the workshop and we have been added to the AtoM wiki of global users. This gives us our very own local forum to share challenges, tips and triumphs as well as to collaborate on possible wish-list features that we would like to see included in future AtoM releases. There is a groundswell of support for both softwares in this country and through projects like the FHYA, who have made extensive customizations to the software, we will also be able to make the particular needs and considerations of an African archive apparent to the developers of the software."