Electronic Records Management is a Challenge, But There is a Solution

Posted on September 4, 2012
It is everybody's task to be involved in the learning of the new technologies.

It is everybody's responsibility to start to engage with the designers and manufacturers of such electronics.

As archivists and records managers, we ought to lobby the governments of this world to iintervene.

The reasons for us to call for higher intervention is due to the fact that we cannot cope with the speed at which technology changes.

Our duty calls us to preserve records and also make them accessible in the near future for our countries, so why can't our countries join us in forcing the designers and manufacturers of such electronics to bring into the marker only electronics and programs that will be able to fulfill the duty preservation and retrieval in the 1000 of years to come.

Losing information is a great concern and we need to stand up now and address it.

Archivists must start with our universities, change of the curriculum is crucial.

Archivists must educate and give training to record officers and enforce compliance, educate the public especially the politicians.

Archivist must merge with the IT industry and influence the design and manufacturing of records management electronics and programs, etc.

Archivists must have a world summit and come up with the resolutions just like the COP17 summit did last year. Use the same platform.

Now it is the time to work harder and fight for everyone to join us in the shaping of the archival platform to work effectively.

Lovely General responded to the Archival platform's invitation to archivists to 'have your say'!