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Rehana Odendaal

Rehana OdendaalRehana Thembeka Odendaal is a Masters' candidate working between UCT's Historical Studies Department and the Archive and Public Culture Research Initiative.  Having majored in Economics, History and Sociology at an undergraduate level, her interests cover a wide range of topics from  energy efficiency to education. 

Recently Rehana's work has focused on the relationship between History, Identity and Memory, particularly how these relationships are articulated through formal memorial sites and spaces. Her Master's research looks at a history of the University of Witwatersrand with a focus on the "Publicness" of the university in South Africa. She is being supervised by Bodhisattva Kar and Carolyn Hamilton. Outside of the classroom Rehana is involved in various youth development initiatives which focus on active citizenship and critical engagement, particularly through InkuluFreeHeid and UCT's Ubunye.