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Research Labs and Special Events

In 2014 APC has introduced two different formats of presentation: the Research Lab and the Special Event/Seminar (mostly at lunch time). In the Research Lab, APC fellows, students and staff introduce and discuss work in progress, ‘raw’ versions of chapters, the occasional draft of a thesis, and thesis proposals in an intimate setting. The special events are a forum for the presentation of more polished work, by APC fellows and staff, visiting fellows and invited guests. The format provides the opportunity for robust discussion with a larger audience. Both formats require the pre-circulation of the texts that are presented.

Research Labs in 2014

The first Research Lab in 2014 was devoted to the conclusion of Katleho Shoro's MA dissertation, ‘Terms of Engaging and Project-ing Africa(ns): An ethnographic encounter with African Studies through Curate Africa’.

In the second Research Lab we discussed the draft introduction to Tribing and Untribing the Archive, provisionally subtitled 'An investigation into the constituting of the material record pertinent to the late independent and colonial periods of southern KwaZulu-Natal and its contemporary theorization' by Carolyn Hamilton and Nessa Leibhammer.

In the third Research Lab in 2014, APC Honorary Research Associate Professor Daniel Herwitz presented the topic, 'Secularized heritage and fundamentalist India: The case of MF Husain'.

Special Events 2014

'Mummy Mania/Afterlives'
In February 2014
, Berlin-based APC Honorary Research Fellow Regina Sarreiter presented on a series of art events that culminated in 'Afterlives [11]', a special edition of the online journal Darkmatter: In Ruins of Imperial Culture and the installation Mummy Mania.  

‘The Violence of Things’
On February 25, 2014 APC co-hosted a special seminar, The Violence of Things, in collaboration with the African Studies Unit. The presenter Professor Martin Hall, is an historical archaeologist and Vice Chancellor at the University of Salford (Manchester)

‘Revisiting the Narratives of Sister Quinlan's Death’
On March 20, 2014, APC hosted a rare film screening and conversation between artist Penny Siopis and writer Njabulo Ndebele, chaired by Professor Gerrit Olivier of the Wits School of Arts.

‘A Conversation on The Robben Island Bible'
In August 2014, APC hosted ‘A Conversation on The Robben Island Bible', a presentation by British playwright and lecturer Matthew Hahn, discussed by David Schalkwyk and Sibongiseni Mkhize.

‘Lumumba’s Ghosts: Immaterial Matters and Matters Immaterial in Sven Augustijnen's Spectres’
On August 26, 2014, Dutch scholar Esther Peeren gave a lunchtime lecture on immaterialities-as-spectralities based on her analysis of Sven Augustijnen’s work ‘Spectres’ at APC.

‘To Be Or Not To Be, No Longer At Ease’
On September 18, 2014, the APC hosted a lunchtime conversation between Njabulo Ndebele, Sarah Nuttall and Harry Garuba, in which Ndebele represented his keynote of the African Literature Conference at the University of the Witwatersrand.

'Figaro South of the Zambezi'
In September 2014, the APC hosted a discussion on opera in a post-Eurocentric, globalized world, between Michael Steinberg and Daniel Herwitz, who presented the paper, chaired by Sakhela Buhlungu and discussed by Jay Pather.