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Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Graduate Study

Eligible graduate students registered in any department at UCT, or at other institutions in South Africa or elsewhere, may participate in the Archive and Public Culture Research Initiative (APC). Eligibility is dependent on an appropriate fit between the student’s research topic and the focus and aims of the Research initiative. Participants are recognized as research fellows and are expected to participate actively in the work of the Research initiative.  The Research Initiative provides NRF funding for a limited number of students who are registered at UCT, typically those supervised by the NRF Chair in Archive and Public Culture, Carolyn Hamilton. The primary academic base of the student is in the APC, and includes access to research facilities and other forms of support. The APC seeks wherever possible to offer part-time work opportunities in the APC to APC graduate students.  Students would normally be expected to be present at UCT and to participate in the activities of the APC. These activities are designed to provide ongoing research support and to facilitate the development of the necessary cross-disciplinary familiarities and competencies that this kind of enquiry requires. Such students are registered in a home discipline and need to meet the basic requirements of graduate study in that discipline. This is usually ensured through the mechanism of co-supervision between the APC and the home discipline. Where students undertake a Masters degree involving coursework, the courses will be selected from those available in the relevant disciplines.

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Current Opportunities

APC NRF Postdoctoral Fellowships
History Access Postdoctoral Fellowship
Deadline: 30 September
History Access Honours, Master’s and PhD Scholarships
Deadline: 30 September
UCT URC Deadline:
15 September 2020