Research Development Workshops


June | August | November

9 ­– 11 November 2009

Zuleiga Adams: Demitrios Tsafendas: Race, madness and the apartheid archive

Jonathan Berndt: The Paris Commune Never Existed

Mbongiseni Buthelezi: Being Ndwandwe: Oral art and public history today

Collis-Buthelezi, Victoria J: [No title]

Harriet Deacon: In Arm’s length: The relationship between research and policy in arts and culture, 1992-2007

John Higgins: On Representation: Citizenship and Critique in Marx and Said. Why Marx? [Introduction to project]

Jesmael Mataga: Landscape, Monuments and Heroes: Notes on colonial memory in Rhodesia

Grant McNulty: New Insights on the Ulwazi Programme

Litheko Modisane: Film, Archive and the Public Sphere

CóilínParsons: A Full Face Portrait of the Land

Nick Shepherd: Adam Blowing-in-the-Wind: ‘When the hand that holds the trowel is black…’

Kylie Thomas: Mourning the Present

Jill Weintroub: A Life Like Any Other: A partial reading of Dorothea Bleek’s archive and scholarship

John Wright: Thinking beyond ‘tribal traditions’: Reflections on the precolonial archive

Carine Zaayman: Crowhurst’s Complaint*: A reader’s advance on Lady Anne Barnard’s journals and letters


31 August – 2 September 2009

Jon Berndt: A Point of Departure

Mbongiseni Buthelezi: Remembering Zwide kaLanga: A Search for post-Zulu Futures in KZN

Harriet Deacon: At Arm’s Length: The relationship between research and policy in arts and culture, 1992-2007

Carolyn Hamilton: The Public Life of an Archive:Archival biography as methodology

Daniel Herwitz: Introduction: The Heritage of Heritage (and how I entered it)

John Higgins: Collection of papers on academic freedom/higher education policy;

  • Reality versus Ideal in the Boycott Debate
  • The Scholar-Warrior versus the Children of Mao: Conor Cruise O'Brien in South Africa
  • Academic Freedom in the New South Africa
  • It’s literacy, stupid!’: Declining the Humanities in NRF Research Policy
  • Managing Meaning: the constitutive contradictions of institutional culture
  • Institutional culture as Whiteness: ‘a complex argument’

Saarah Jappie: From the Madrassah to the Museum: The evolution of Islamic manuscript use in Cape Town

Brown Bavusile Maaba:  Liberation in South Africa: The archive in context

Robert MacDonald: [Introduction of Thesis]

Grant McNulty: New Heritage Sites, New Expressions of Identity: Digital community archives in postapartheid Mbumbulu, KwaZulu-Natal

Gerrit Olivier: Memories of the Future

Nick Shepherd: The Uncreated Man: A story of archaeology and imagination

Kylie Thomas: Photography and Disappearance

Marlene Winberg: Who were the !kun boys, |uma and Da, !nanni and Tamme?


8 – 10 June 2009

Harriet Deacon: The Ethics of Archive: The colonial anthropology of traditional male circumcision and public health programming today

Mbongiseni Dlamini: Praise, politics, performance: From Zulu izibongo to the Zionists

Carolyn Hamilton: Why Archive Matters

John Higgins: Marx the Archive

Saraah Jappie: Text, Ritual, Memory: Imaginings of Malayness in Cape Town

Cheryl Joseph: [Honours Research Proposal]

Clive Kellner: Local Inheritance (Post) Colonial Legacy: Modalities of vernacular modernity in post apartheid visual arts collecting: Toward a 21st century (South) African museum

Jesmael Mataga: Museums and Cultural Heritage:  Policy and practice in colonial and postcolonial Zimbabwe (1901- 2000)

Grant McNulty: New institutions, new expressions: Postapartheid identities in contemporary Mbumbulu

Michael Nixon: Reading South Africa’s Colonial Music Archive along the Grain

Kylie Thomas: High Art/ Low Dead: Photography, HIV and AIDS and the African corpse

Marlene Winberg: Kulimatji  Khum: The !xun San phrase for ‘We tell our old stories’

John Wright: Publishing the James Stuart Izibongo

Sandra Young: Curiosity and the Production of Knowledge as Power: Lessons from sixteenth-century natural historical inquiry

Carine Zaayman: Artistic Negotiations of Archives: Krotoa, Lady Anne Barnard and the Challenges of Embodying the Past within the Present