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Xolelwa Kashe-Katiya

Xolelwa Kashe-Katiya studied towards a BSc degree at the University of Cape Town and majored in Archaeology. After graduating, she went on to complete an Honours degree in Physical Anthropology at the University of Pretoria. In 2010, she was awarded a fellowship with the Archive & Public Culture research initiative to complete an MPhil in Heritage and Public Culture with the Centre for African Studies at the University of Cape Town. Her research interests involved the use of archival material to engage with knowledge production, specifically with regard to the human remains and artefacts of Mapungubwe, a world heritage site in Limpopo. She has, in the past seventeen years, worked as a researcher and project officer/manager in donor-funded, public and academic environments. During this time, her duties have ranged from conducting research, monitoring and evaluation of projects to overseeing the quality assurance of training and research projects. She has also worked at the Archival Platform, where she assisted by providing intellectual, political, and professional direction. She joined the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) in 2013 as Head of Consultancy Services and is currently the Director of Project Management, where she is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of all MISTRA research projects.