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The Five Hundred Year Archive (FHYA) Library

The FHYA website is currently under construction. One of its resources is a growing collection of materials relevant to the early history of the KwaZulu-Natal region and adjacent areas. It comprises out of copyright books and articles both under and out of copyright, other items which the FHYA has permission to make available online, and contributions by FHYA users.  This Library component of the FHYA can be accessed here.

The items are organised into two separate lists. Each citation functions as a hyperlink to a PDF of the item. Items in the Out of Copyright list may be downloaded and circulated freely. Items in the Under Copyright list may only be consulted online.

Certain of the uploaded items date back to the nineteenth century or earlier, and users of the site are alerted to the fact that some make use of terminology and naming conventions that are not considered acceptable in the twenty-first century.