Anette Hoffmann awarded a Lise Meitner Fellowship

8 Jun 2017 - 16:45
Lise Meitner Fellowship
Anette Hoffmann awarded a Lise Meitner Fellowship. Photo: Anette Hoffman

Photo credit: Anette Hoffmann

APC Research Associate Anette Hoffmann moved to Vienna, Austria in May. She has been awarded the prestigious Lise Meitner Fellowship, granted by the Austrian FWF (Fonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung) to continue her work on historical sound archives. Hoffmann is preparing a monograph on the recordings with prisoners of World War One, based on research she began at APC, funded by the Andrew T. Mellon Foundation. Her monograph follows the archival shadow – and echo – mainly of five prisoners of war who were interned in German camps between 1915 and 1918. This forms part of Hoffmann’s ongoing research into the specificities and potentials of colonial sound archives; see also []. For the two-year duration of the fellowship, Hoffmann will be working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, in the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies.

Hoffmann’s article ‘Echoes of the Great War: The recordings of African Prisoners of the First World War’, first published in the Open Art Journal in 2014, is being republished in the anthology Disturbing Pasts: Memory, Controversies, and Creativity, edited by Leon Wainwright (Manchester University Press). This publication brings together research presented at a conference of the same name held at the Museum of Ethnography, in Vienna, in 2013. The book is scheduled for publication in December 2017.