The Annual Follett Lecture - delivered by Verne Harris

21 Jun 2019 - 07:00
Caption: Verne Harris delivering the 2019 Follett lecture. Image courtesy of Dominican University.


APC Associate and Nelson Mandela Foundation Head of Leadership and Knowledge Development, Verne Harris, was a visiting professor at Dominican University in Chicago during its 2018-9 academic year. On 16 April as holder of the Follett Chair in Information Studies, he delivered the annual Follett Lecture for 2019. The title for the Lecture was A Time to Remember, A Time to Forget: Fred Hampton, Nelson Mandela and the Work of Memory. During his time at Dominican University, he also presented a short course on archives, ran a workshop on truth commissions, and taught a few classes.

In the 2019 Follett Lecture, Verne Harris explored the work of memory and the right to forget for both individuals and collectivities. He problematizes the remembering-forgetting binary, positing a distinction between remembering and remembrancing, and asking how healing can be enabled.