Ending 2018

24 Dec 2018 - 15:00
Caption: APC Office year end function (Photo courtesy of Debra Pryor)


Early in 2018 the APC welcomed a new research administrator, Rifqah Kahn, who now manages the project with great deftness.  In September, we said goodbye to APC archivist, Chloe Rushovich who left to do a Masters degree at Cambridge University, and late in the year, to APC librarian and archival assistant, Katie Garrun. In mid- 2018, the NRF Research Chair was renewed for a further five years. Highlights of 2018 in the APC included two remarkable fieldtrips with archaeological angles; two very successful research development workshops at which a total of over 40 research papers were presented; submission of the APC's essay collection, Babel Abroad, to Wits University Press; launch of the open report, Ground of Struggle: Four Decades of Archival Activism;  and the publication by APC researchers of some 14 research articles and one book, as well the presentation of 8 exhibitions and  performance pieces. The year also saw Carolyn Hamilton and John Wright begin work on the manuscript of their book for Cambridge University Press on Politics and identities in the KZN area in the century before European colonialism. The major focus of the APC's Five Hundred Year Archive project was on the refinement of the technological underpinnings of the project, but the year also saw the digitization of a further 9000 items. 2018 was both a productive and a demanding year, with the whole team still hard at work while this closing note was being written. The APC closes on 14 December, allowing for a week of internal housekeeping before the official UCT shutdown on 21 December, and reopens for students and researchers on 21 January, 2019.  We wish everyone all the best for the holidays.