SAHS Conference hosts APC special panel on “Tribing and Untribing the Archive”

17 Oct 2017 - 23:15
Photo: Carolyn Hamilton

The South African Historical Society’s biennial conference took place at Wits University in June, 2017. The conference hosted a special panel on the APC’s latest publication, Tribing and Untribing the Archive (2016), which featured contributor Mbongiseni Buthelezi and co-editor Carolyn Hamilton in conversation with Cynthia Kros.  The publication enjoyed considerable attention and was intensely discussed in many of the panels that followed. Engagements amongst delegates about the issues that were raised were further fuelled by John Wright’s paper, “Thoughts on Tribalizing in Colonial Natal, Mid-19th to Early 20th Century”.

A session on “Historicising the Archives” chaired by Gary Minkley, featured papers by three APC associates:  John Wright (“Southern Africa before Colonial Times”); Carolyn Hamilton (“The Portmanteau Problem, and How Oral Traditions Got Positioned as Archive’s Other”); and Jochen S. Arndt (“Reclaiming or Modernizing the Past? Historicizing the Hlubi Nation’s Ongoing Efforts to have isiHlubi Recognized as a Distinct Nguni Language in Order to Affirm a Separate Hlubi Kingship in Post-Apartheid South Africa”); as well as a paper by Joel Pearson, based at the Public Affairs Research Institute, on “Document Wars and the Integrity of Local Archives: the Case of Mogalakwena Local Municipality.”