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Kerusha Govender

I am currently doing my Honours in Historical Studies. I completed a Bachelor of Social Sciences at the University of Cape Town in 2014, with majors in Politics, International Relations and History. I decided to pursue my postgraduate studies in Historical Studies this year, because I find History to be an incredibly exciting discipline that equips one with significant skills. Moreso, it’s appeal lies in it being of a multidisciplinary nature.

My research interests revolve around the political nature of the historical narrative of South Africa’s precolonial, colonial and apartheid periods and what kinds of stories are left out. In particular I am interested in diasporic communities, particularly Indians, and how they have assimilated into South Africa. I am interested in how the occupation to regain a precolonial past will affect notions of belonging and citizenship. I have questions of what it means to be Indian in Africa and how Indians have come to construct their identities in this country. In relation to this, I am interested in the notion of what it means to be African as well.  

My interests stem from my own personal experiences of having grown up in various non-Indian communities and the situations I have encountered. In my life I strive to debunk notions of race and free myself from racial prejudices and stereotypes. I am also influenced by notions of black consciousness.

Other than History, I am also quite fascinated by Politics, curious about photography and l adore long walks in scenic locations. My biggest passion lies in student leadership and I currently hold the Academic Portfolio in the Residence Association in Forest Hill. I am kind of nerdy, kind of comical and very much a people’s person. I look forward to this year with APC and hope to grow extensively and learn as much as possible from those I have been given the privilege of engaging with.