Honours Research Scholars

Lauren White

I am currently studying towards my BA Honours degree in Historical Studies, at the University of Cape Town. I graduated, at the end of 2014, with my Bachelor of Social Sciences degree; majoring in English, History and Sociology. 

I am interested in studying the ways in which knowledge is disseminated and the relationship between education, state and society as a whole. My initial objective, when beginning my academic career, was to pursue a career in education. I was of the opinion that the best way for me to influence education and to give back to society would be to teach. However, late in 2014, I was persuaded by my history lecturers to continue my studies in the History department. This opened my mind to new possibilities. I realized that I still had much to learn and perhaps teaching was not the only way that I could influence education and play my role in society. I am grateful to those in the History department for their encouragement.

I have therefore decided to focus my Honours dissertation on the way in which the pre-colonial has been taught and written about in school textbooks.