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Benathi Marufu

Benathi is a Digital Curation MPhil student at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Her research seeks to examine the changing nature of the archive and the paradigm shift in archival practice with respect to the creation of digital archives. Her research concentrates on the practices and procedures employed by a supra-institutional information-and-technology-sharing project between the FHYA and its collaborative partners in their activities to digitise the neglected archive of the Southern African past before European colonialism.

Benathi currently works part-time as a digital archival content assistant/research assistant in the Five Hundred Year Archive (FHYA), an ICA – Atom based archival exemplar project in the Archive and Public Culture Initiative at UCT. She joined the FHYA in 2019 as an intern. In her role she helps the digital archival content manager organise, maintain, and provide access to the digital archive. She is also responsible for the scanning of all material, preparation of excel-based files for migration, and loading scanned documents to the system.