APC joins Twitter and Instagram

24 Dec 2020 - 11:45
Screenshot of the APC’s Instagram page.
Screenshot of the APC’s Instagram page.


The APC has joined social media to reach out to similar initiatives and create an online community around the work we do. Part of being on social media is about enhancing our public engagement beyond the seminars and written material. We have decided to create two accounts, one on Twitter and another on Instagram. Both accounts have the same name: archive_apc.

The Instagram account focused on the visual communication of our work and the work of others with similar interest. The Twitter account is the more interactive account. We will also be highlighting presentations made at events and featuring relevant books published. Our aim is a modest one, focused on the sharing of information relevant to the concerns of the APC. If you are on Twitter or Instagram, follow us and share with your own community.

Screenshot of the APC’s Twitter page.